Riot Grrrl Docu Film

Sonia Gonzalez, a film maker from France, is making a documentary film about the influences of the Riot Grrrl movement. She, along with her small crew, will be at Ladiyfest this year to film primarily the performances and the preparations of the Orga. They will not film you if you don’t want to be filmed. Please let them know.

Here is a description of the film:

This 52′ documentary film tells the story and explores the legacy of riot grrrl. The story is only told by the people who took part or witnessed the movement. They’re the ones who tell us how it started, how it impacted them as persons and as artists, back then and today. The film recontextualizes the movement in the cultural and political climate of the 80s and examines how it resonates today.
I filmed in the US and in London where I already interviewed Kathleen Hanna, Joanna Fateman, Tammy Rae Carland, Lois Maffeo, Ramdasha Bikseen, Calvin Johnson, Slim Moon, The Raincoats, Lauren Mayberry, Melanie from tender forever, Violent Vickie, and many more :)
The fim will be broadcasted next year on arte television.

Questions? Here is Sonia’s email address:


Sonia Gonzales, und ihre Crew, macht eine Doku über den Einfluss der Riot Grrrl Bewegung auf das Ladyfest.
Du wirst nicht gefilmt, wenn du das nicht möchtest – sag ihnen einfach bescheid.

Über der Film:
Dieser 52′ Dokumentarfilm erzählt die Geschichte des Riot Grrrl Bewegung und spricht ihre Erbe an. Die Leute, die an der Bewegung teilgenommen haben, sind diejenigen, die die Geschichte erzählen : in den USA und in London habe ich schon Interviews mit Kathleen Hanna, Joanna Fateman, Tammy Rae Carland, Lois Maffeo, Ramdasha Bikseen, Calvin Johnson, Slim Moon, The Raincoats, Lauren Mayberry, Melanie from tender forever, Violent Vickie, unter viel anderen gemacht.
Die erzählen uns, wie Riot Grrrl angefangen hat, was für ein Impakt diese Bewegung gehabt hat für sie, als Personen und als Künstler.
Der Film stellt die Bewegung in dem kulturellen und politischen Zusammenhang der 80er Jahren und untersucht seine heutige Erbe.
Provisorisch getitelt “Revolution Riot Grrrl”, es wird nächstes Jahr auf Arte ausgestralht.

Fragen? Hier ist Sonia’s Mail Adresse:

New things and changes in the program!

We have some new additions and changes to the schedule! Please note:

01.08. Tempelhofer Feld Pick-nick, Friday (tomorrow!)
We have added an hour of Open Stage after the Improv Performance. This will be from 17:50-19:00. Please come by and serenade us in the park or read us some poetry or whatever you’ve got!  After the Open Stage will be the musical performance from Seth Corbin at 19:00.

We will be near the gardens near the Oderstraße. entrance, look for chalk on the pavement marking the way, and see map.

03.08. Sunday New Workshop!

Kitty May from Other Nature will be giving a workshop called “Let’s Talk About Sex Toys”. Starting at 15:30 at Meuterei, right before the Electric Guitar Workshop. More info posted in the program.

04.08. Open Discussion
Our Open Discussion on Ladiyfest, Safer Spaces and Privilege has been moved to Monday 04.08., 18:30, in Mio’L. We moved it to have it at the end of the fest to get direct feedback, but then realized that it would be too late after the films, and we want to give this enough time and energy to have a productive discussion. So it is now on Monday 04.08. Apologies for the confusion about the date! This will be a talk with the Ladiyfest Orga group and anyone interested is welcome to attend.

Facebook event page:

Info Table at the Homebase, A17

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Hast du Flyers oder Infos oder Zines oder, oder, oder, etwas anders für der Info Tisch in unsere Homebase? Wir haben ein offene Info Tisch, wenn du möchtest, komm vorbei!
Admiralstr. 17, Sammstag ab 13h, Sonntag ab 11h.

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11- 15h – Skateboard Building Workshop

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17-20 – Electric Guitar for Beginners

Sprache: Englisch
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Vanessa Michelis
(also performing at SO36 in the band Post)
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