Concerts and Parties 2014

Friday 1.8.

@Tempelhofer Feld

17:30  Improv Performance

17:50-19:00  Acoustic Open Stage

19:00  Live: Seth Corbin (Punk/anti folk musician and one man band)

@ Mio’L

21:00 Eröffnungsparty + Performances Performing:

Carmel Zoum

(früher Sista Zoum)

Dancehall Reggae Künstlerin

LauraL _ guitar project

(aka Laura Leiner) ambient, soundscape

Trapped Lovers’ Shitty Covers

cheesy drag king/queen pop country reclaim

+ DJanes

Ladiyfest DJ Set by Monique and Vivi (new wave, pop wave, synth)

Unkulüb (hip hop und electro)

GLITTORIS DJ-TEAM (***grrrl power & indie darlings & electro sensations & pop nostalgia & mtv heartthrobs & 80′s_90′s guilty pleasures & disco dykes & vitamine bey***)


Saturday 2.6.

Doors Open: 20h

Anti Corpos (Brazil)

Lesbian Feminist Hardcore

anti corposAs Brazil’s most unabashed queercore band, its members not only take a hard line against sexism and homophobia, but have also organized São Paulo’s own Girls Rock Camp. “You can push me,” screams Rebeca Domiciano in “Lesbofobia,” “but I will not fall!” There’s no doubt they’re tough enough to scare the haters out of the pit.

Post (Brazil)

Instrumental Post Punk

postPost is a band based in São Paulo, Brazil, formed by Francis and Jiulian. It’s an instrumental duo of (unstoppable) drums and (supersonic) guitar in a tacit post-punk progression towards….(?). In this journey they experiment an instrumental construction of a non-verbal way of communicating their political-affective questionings and positionings. The main focus is in their experiences with feminism, mutual support, empowering of non-hegemonical identities, construction of non-capitalist collaborative networks, self-managed spaces and vegan/vegetarian culture.

Hello Killu (Estonia)

Doom Post Punk Art Rock

hello killuHello Killu is bass ‘n’ drum, not drum ‘n’ bass. Their music has been described as leisure punk, doom, art rock. Although they admire Kim Gordon and Kate Schellenbach, their songs sound like Hello Killu. Hello (bass) and Killu (drums) have performed together earlier in Extrafine and Paul Cole & Ring My Bell.

Steve (Berlin)

Riot Grrrl Garage Rock

SteveSteve is not a male solo artist as you might think. Steve are two women from Berlin that produce a vigorous sound between Indie rock and Punk. With only an E-guitar and drums they recall performances of The Kills and The White Stripes. The two are at the very start of their career as they had their first gig together last year at the Fever Creek Festival Berlin. However, they have been active in the music scene for a long time now. Eva, the guitarist that was born in Vienna, used to go a more classical path with her music in Austria: she was playing cover songs. But at the same time she tried more experimental set ups like the combination of live music and short films. As a matter of fact, films are another bond next to music between the two ladies. Bandmate Steffi doesn’t only play the drums, she also authors screenplays and directs movies.


Laura de Vasconcelos (house, techno)   laura vasconcelos

“Having travelled the five continents and seven seas, her sound remains unchanged: from Disco, Post-Punk and Rock to a bassline-driven Techno and House reduced to their essence influenced from mainstream pop via club music in the broadest sense. Born brazilian, 2007 saw Laura relocating to Berlin to further her focus on DJing. She began working crowds at bars and clubs to Cannes’ Film Festival tailoring her approach to each show with a meticulous ear. From being lost in reverie, total seriousness, pure delight, wit and grit, Laura is surely one of the most independent, versatile and inspiring characters in today’s club scene.” clubs in Berlin – Katerholzig, Tausend Bar, Cookies, Brunnen 70, Loftus Hall – Party Colare, Möbel-Olfe, Café Wendel (resident), Ausland, St.Georg – Beitola, ZMF – Beitola, Mezcaleria Lupita, Schwuz – Sado Maso Disco – Peaches&Cream, Chantal’s House of Shame (resident), R19 – Beitola, etc.

Jjane (Synthpop, Electronica & Electro)

Apóstolas de Josephine Baker (tropical beats- Zarabatana party)

Son Cubano > Mambo > Samba Perlen > Chachachá > Maracatu > Merengue > Porro > Cumbia > Xotes > Afrobeat > Tropical Bass > Soul & Funk > Salsa > Samba


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